I’m driving up to Daytona Beach in a few minutes to go to my youngest sisters hs graduation. I wonder if other people, people who handle their emotions in healthy ways automatically, get scared of showing emotion? I’m sitting here anticipating crying and getting all nervous about it. I’m scared to feel the feelings that come with my younger siblings passing life land marks. I’m thinking “I don’t know if I can do this, I need to thInk about something totally off the wall during the ceremony so that I can detach myself from it” ya know ? Then the new me is thinking “Its ok, it’s a perfectly appropriate time to be sad and sentimental, it’s ok to cry”. I think I will actually feel guilty if I purposely detach emotionally from the situation. Here goes! I’m so happy for her though. I’ll check in later.  Ps-I just previewed this post and I’m not so much scared to show emotion as to feel the emotion! Like it will be too much to fit inside of me and too intense.