I was doing so well.. i’ve been going to a counselor and we have been finding out the foundation of my problems and trying to fix them. Well I found out i have inattentive ADD so its hard for me to pay attention (obviously).. so school can be very difficult sometimes. I am normally a good student but especially while going through depression my grades have been slipping. Well lets get to it… it has been like 3 or 4 weeks or longer since I last injured and uggh i just did it again. I asked my dad if I could see my school musical and work this weekend and he said it depended on my grades.. translation.. NO. I know he cares but its so annoying because my parents are divorced so i hear it from both of them ALL THE TIME! They never let it rest 🙁 Anyways, the ONLY reason i have missing assignments is because of them because you know when you are in a depressed mood and you can’t concentrate on anything? Well, if not, that is how it is for me. I don’t know what to do.. I’m going to see my counselor tomorrow and I think he might ask when the last time i injured was.. 🙁 I want to stop but today it felt good and I just don’t know what to do.. help?!