I’m having a really hard time in my head right now. I’ve been really uncomfortable in general because of moving, but last night it got bad. I started feeling like everyone was out to cause me harm. People around me were all plotting my death. I stayed up for a long time unable to shake the thoughts. I get this way once a month and even though I know it’s hormonal it doesn’t make it any less scary. The situations feel real and I feel like I’m barely holding on to reality tonight. I know I sound kinda crazy, Times like this I think I am!!! It always passes but I’ve never had this hard of a time with holding on to reality. Its just this sickening feeling of impending doom and then I get all carried away thinking about how insignificant my life is and what’s the point…etc. I don’t feel in danger of drinking or harming myself tonight, I just needed to get that out. It’s freaking me out. It’s very scary and I feel very alone. I want to be back with my family in their nice house with the protection of my mom and dad. Feeling safe and comfortable.