My beautiful daughter is in the hospital as I type this message. She has been hospitalized twice in the past two months.  Our family has  just begun this journey to find help for our daughter’s depression, self loathing, and self injury.  We have known for quite some time that she has suffered from low self esteem/depression, but had no idea about the extent of self injurious behaviors. From what I can tell, SI is not usually a means of suicide, but she has an constant and overwhelming desire to die.

From what I can tell about the hospital mental health units is that they are there for one purpose: stabilization. I also see that the vast majority of adolescents who are in these units are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, have had some type of criminal record, and are truant at school. Thankfully, our daughter comes from a loving home with a mom, dad, and sister who adore her. She is very intelligent, and works so hard to do well in school.  Here is the dilema…when she gets released back into the “real world” the SI behavior patterns just set themselves right back up.  Although she is now on medication for the depression and is seeing a sweet counselor twice a week, it doesn’t seem that the main issue of SI is being addressed head on.  When I stumbled across this website tonight, I actually felt hopeful.  This is EXACTLY what we have been looking for.  I would like any help or suggestions that you may have to help with the process of getting this level of help. How do we transition into a treatment plan?  We live in the Orlando, FL, area. We do have insurance, but I am so afraid that the cost is going to make this totally impossible.  Finally, is this program faith-based in any way?  Our daughter has a precious faith in God that has sustained her through some difficult times.  We all certainly feel that prayer and faith-filled hope is going to be one of the pieces to this complicated puzzle.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping this scared and nervous mom.