My sweet cousin,

You died to young, only 23 years.This was three months ago, and I was praying it was a dream.I still pray I will wake up as a 7 year old, forget this nightmare, and wake up in your bedroom floor, before we go back home after a visit. Ever since you died, my habit went into hypo-drive, and I cried a lot. Now I can’t remember you in public, or else I cry, and no one understands. You were the only cousin that I knew all my life, and loved, because you were always kind. In the past few years we lost contact, and Uncle Bill’s funeral, we spoke for the first time in 6 years. Then a few short months later, a clot ended your life. You died before the summer rays could possibly be seen, in the bleak months of winter. Please, don’t think I am still heart broken, because I am not, but I still miss you. The pain comes back a lot whenever a slight thing reminds me of you. I still want to look around and see your blonde hair, long, and silky. My friend Danielle is a shorter version of you, but it isn’t the same. To make it worse, your ashes are not buried, like you would have wanted. You are in your mother’s living room, and it hurts. But someday I will wake up with you, in Heaven. I hope your father, and God are taking care of you. Please help those on earth Lindsey, you are so much easier to understand than God.

Love, Alex