Today I have purposely and accidentally faced all of my fears. I have been petrified about someone finding about my self harm problem, and someone caught me doing it today. Someone else told me to stop, and then asked me if she could see it. So, I showed her, and she said that she wouldn’t tell anyone. I still don’t believe her, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.
My ex-best friend and I have haven’t spoken in who knows how long, and I went over to her house to talk with her. She said that she’d text me, and I feel so…. I don’t even know how to put it. It feels to get these things off of my chest. I actually told her about how I’ve joined this blog, and, surprisingly enough, she wasn’t judgmental. She was a bit freaked out, but she said that she wouldn’t judge because we use to be such close friends- and I think she actually meant it. I can’t tell, I’m still kind of stressed because of school, and my mind is fried from all my homework- so I won’t be thinking for a while. I definitely won’t be thinking for a while.