So about a week ago i went to a family reunion and spent time with my real mom… I thought everything was going so well. I got my own hotel room payed for my own food without help from her. I was proving to her i could do it all on my own… I got my life together and told her everything i could with out going over certain lines. She acted all nice but hurt me by telling the court system i was unstable and unable to care for myself. She is trying to have me locked away and she has committed IRS fraud wellfare fraud and social security fraud my mom is looking at 7 to 15 years in federal prison. I have to see a therapist to prove that im stable. What have i ever done to my mom to make her hate me so much??? I thought we could work things out… but now I’m really starting to think no one will ever truely love me…. MAybe its better if I do die… I wouldn’t be such a burden to my aunt/adoptive mom but… I dont know anymore Im scared… I lay in bed and SI is all i think about anymore.. Its so much stress to handle on top of school. Two detectives came to my house looking for me they want to press charges against my mom…. :'(