I don’t know where to go, I can’t speak my mind without being told I need to shut up, my opinion getsme in trouble, when someone else says it, and their told its great. I’m being pulled 5,000 different directions, and I don’t know which one to follow. I want to make everyone happy, but I don’t know how. I know I need to stop injuring when it gets to hard to handle things, but I can’t. I tired to explain it on a random chat, because someone had jokes and said I was not worth anything, and they said I was going for attention. I tried to explain I didn’t need it, and I got told to shut up, and keep my negative comments to myself, and it’s so hard. I look at things differently from other people, and it gets me in trouble. And to make it better, I have tests next week that could fail me if I make a mistake. To add to the perfect cherry, everyone is turning on me, snapping because I didn’t breath right. I don’t want to go upstairs, because I know I would hurt myself, but if I talk to somebody, then I am “trying to get attention”.  And everyone is telling me I’m ugly, and worthless, and I know their right, and I have wanted to quit so many times this month, let alone last night, and the only thing keeping me from giving up is the fact a friend would be mad at me for not sticking it out. I wish I had known where to turn, but this is the only place I know of. Knowing my luck, everyone’s going to think I’m going to try for attention and stuff, so I don’t know if it matters, but I needed to vent.