so. i went back to school today after 10 days of spring break. basically, first period was going well. no complaints. second period even better. lunch is when it all went downhill. see. this girl stole my only girl bestfriend away from me. she just took her. turned her on me. before break i sat at their table cuz i didn’t care but today… i felt like everyone there hated me. they gave me these looks. the most hideous looks anyone could ever give. i was about to follow them to the table but once i saw that something just told me to turn around. go upstairs. you’ll be fine. i actually was. i met up with one friend i rarely talk to but is the sweetest. ya know. he really made my day. he gave me a hug like he knew something was wrong and i just ate lunch with him. to be honest it was a lot of fun. the most fun i’ve had the whole school year. after that my day was really good. but here’s the thing… i feel like school gets me depressed. i was fine over break, i mean. not 100% but i was like 50% better than usual. go back to school and BAM instant depression. now every single night. every. freaking. night. i think about the bad things that happen in school and how i literally, i am not over exaggerating, i literally have only one bestfriend/close friend. sad, isn’t it? and we’re not even THAT close. just close. i have no one. and i know i said this before but i now i realize, i do have no one here. and i had the most vicious urge right now. i was so close. sososo close. but no… i can’t. well, yeah. my rant. i’m not even sure if it makes sense.