Hi, I haven’t been on this website in over 2 years. I am back to say that DBT is a life saver. I was in and out of the hospital for SI and I finally went to a womens type of rehab for borderline personality disorder. they taught us alot of stuff such as self soothing, meditation, safe place and many more tools. I have been 6 months SI free so far and I hope I will not ever go back to those ways. I just want to write this blog to let everyone know that there is a therapy out there for you that you should try. Its Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and it was designed for people who struggle with SI and have rough interpersonal relationships. I have been in this therapy for 2 years now. Its amazing. I hope you all can find hope in this and that there is hope out there. it doesnt work over night but it does work in time. Good luck to all of you out there struggleing with SI