All my parents ever talk about is how i’m such a burden because they have to pay for my medication, doctors appoinments, and hospital visits. I gained alot of weight since last year. Last year i was a freshman in high school and i was a 00 now i’m a sophmore.  I’ve been restricting food. I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. None of myclothes fit properly but my parents dnt have the “money” to take me to get new clothes. But they have the money to buy stuff that doesn’t need to be bough for my younger brother and sister. I”m just a burden. I’m in PHP right now and my parents complain how thats an inconvinience to because they have to drive me back and forth. they didn’t even want to send me to the hospital last weekend when i tried to kill myself by Self Injuring. They aren’t even concerened that i have food issues. i’m a waste of space why am i here?!