I did something… not stupid, but very reckless compared to many other things I’ve done. I’ve never told any adult about my self mutilation besides my mom, and now I’m going to turn in an assignment about self harm, this website, and (sort of) my past when it comes to self harm. Should I do it? I’m afraid that if I do 1) I’ll be sent to the counselors office and I don’t even know what happens after that 2) the rumors about me will get worse or 3) people ask me “are you okay?”
God, I hate that question, especially when the answer is obvious. It’s like, “yeah, I’m okay. I self harm regularly and am trying to stop. I’m using a Sharpie to write and draw things on myself where I use to self harm, and can’t hide it from anyone. I’m perfectly fine.” It’s an obvious lie, and the ignorant people around me can’t seem to grasp the concept that just because someone says they’re alright doesn’t make it so.
I’d much rather be asked “why do you self harm?” instead of “are you okay?” When you tell someone why, it’s impossible to lie, unless you really don’t want to get help or just don’t answer the question. Also, it’s nice to tell someone, but if they’ll just spread rumors about you, you have to watch what you say, because if they read into it wrong, you can end up sounding like a suicidal, masochistic, emo whatever else you can think of. Tangent-sorry.