Hello all! I graduated the SAFE program in Denton TX in April of 2008. While the past 4 years have been rough, and I have relapsed a few times/been hospitalized things would be so much worse had I not gone to SAFE. I fully believe SAFE saved my life. my longest streak with absolutely NO SI was 8 1/2 months. I had times after that of off and on SI, but it was nowhere near what it was before I entered the program. Today, I have 2 months of no SI under my belt again. I am in an outpatient DBT program and I see my psychiatrist each month. I decided the day I went to SAFE I was going to change my life, and let me tell you, that is just what I did. Let me also tell you, the day I stopped logging/following my treatment, those were the days I fell off of the track and hurt myself. To this day I fill out diary cards and impulse logs. I even have the marsha linehan DBT app on my Ipod. I just want to encourage you all that recovery is possible and hope is always there.

Peace to you all