its been a while since I last posted on here, I guess I thought I was over all the trauma..i’m not!

Its been absolutely months since I last SI, I never thought i’d go back to it, but I did.. I thought it could be hidden, but I was in p.e, i tried to cover it most of the girls seen it, they told everyone..most people were very suppportive and helped me through it, whilst other people made fun of me, labelling me as emo, attention seeking, stupid, the list goes on and on!

although I had some very supportive people through that time, I still constantly felt the need to SI! I did it again, yesterday..I got in from school to an empty house, I broke down, my head was all over the place but it releived me, I felt like a massive weight had been lifted of my shoulders, until now. everytime i’m getting changed or getting a bath, I look down and see this awful horrendous blob of fat that no one wants! I did it again.

It sounds absolutely pathetic, and how I might be an attention seeking cow, but I have actually got a reason that I force myself to harm my self. every scar on my body holds a different amount of memories, every one of them bad, everyone of them unable to forget.

I dont know how i’ve all of a sudden got back into a faze of wanting to SI myself.

I dont know how to get over it..