a bully. in my mind, that’s the worst thing you can be. it doesn’t matter if you have a rough life at home, or that you take your anger out on other people, it’s just not right to shove people into lockers, and shout at someone, or torture them until they break down in the girls bathroom.
I can’t seem to stop remembering that someone asked me if I was suicidal, and then told me to go kill myself. “no one will miss you” he said. I really can’t stand him.
someone made a joke on the school bus yesterday about injuring, I told them off and then someone automatically thought that I injure because I told them off for making a joke about something that shouldn’t be joked about! I told the girl that asked me “I never said that I injure and she left me alone for the first time in the whole school year.
why do people make fun of people who injure? or “emos” as people like to call them. why? it’s not funny. it’s not cool to put down others who are already down enough as it it. why bother?