My cousin, who doesn’t even know my name or care, is coming. I hate her already. I never met her but I hate her. To make it better, I have to drop everything to make sure she’s happy. My best friends know about the scars. One freaked out, now thinks I’m insane. I told her the truth, that I don’t want to sit here. I say anything to anyone else, or scars are seen, I get yelled at by a teacher I hate. I come so close to SI-ing. Because it is stressful, two of my friends to the same, they understand. The rest go “Get help, get help” when I am fine. Just unprotected. No more defense. I lash out a lot more. My friends notice that I’m irritable. I also told them by dog bit me. Poor dog, got this on her as well. I guess I will survive.