Im really trying not to panic right now.  I’m freaking out.  I dont know why I let it get to this point.  I had an assignment due Sunday, but i knew I could turn it in a day late, so I put it off, being lazy last night I didnt do it so now today I saw the teacher wouldnt accept late work.  this assignment can make me pass or fail.  I am freaking out. I cant fail.  I cant fail!!!!!!!!  (says the girl who flunked the whole first semester of college).  But seriously, I don’t have the money to fail at this! I cant! I want to si so bad right now, i am trying so hard.  I turned in the assignment anyway with an explanation as to why I didnt turn it in on time.  So… idk.   I counted it, if I even get a 8/20 on this stupid assignment I will pass the class.  I JUST NEED 8 points!!!!! I SHOULD have thought of that yesterday.  I cant believe I let myself do this.  Im not going to panic right now though.  Im going to push it ot the back of my mind until I get a reply from the professor.  Im going to wait, breathe it out, and see what happens.  I have until Friday.  I just need to hold it together, not panic, not si, not hurt myself with food, but wait.  I need to calm down, count to ten, and think of the positive side of things, I will only be five weeks behind.  I will only have to pay a thousand more.  Five weeks is better than sixteen weeks behind.  I have a headache now.  Im trying to calm down.  Breathing deeply, and counting backwards, trying not to resort to si right now, because it wont fix anything.  It wont… right? It wont.   So I am going to sit here, breathe calmly until I am off work at 430, go buy a book, and a cup of tea and read it, and relax until its time to go to class.  tomorrow I am going to go to my morning job, do great, stay calm, and come to work, and keep calm there as well.  Only four days until i know if I passed or failed, maybe even sooner.  So this could be ok, I may be ok.  I hope ill be ok, because I dont know how i would deal with this otherwise.