These past few months have been torture for me. Every time I say anything, everyone says “noone cares, shut up, nobody likes you.” I never did anything to any of them. And it’s just gotten worse and worse, in person and on Facebook. I think it’s really sad how tennis and debate, two of my favorite things, have become nightmares for me because of the people in them and how they treat me. And my coaches wondered why i went to my softball tournament on Thursday instead of tennis. It’s because my softball team is nice, supportive, and inclusive. The problem is, my S.I. has become increasingly worse. Part of it is that the worst bullies have been my “friends” since the third, fourth, or fifth grade. Out of the few people I still lean on, the one who i care about the most is mad at me for something I didn’t even say, and it really hurts, because I miss him. So I S.I. to help cope, which is exactly the opposite of what he would want me to do if he wasn’t mad at me. I khelp, but I feel like it’ll make me seem like a hypochondriac, and I don’t know how to ask for it anyways:(