So many aspects of my life do not make any sort of sense at all. I am not going to blame myself for failed relationships and other losses I have experienced in life. Blame gets us nowhere, it leads to nowhere. Blame only brings with it indignation, sorrow and shame. Blame is ominous and imprudent, it is boastful and bitter. I ask why are others so quick to judge and blame another before truly knowing what we are talking about? So many aspects of my life revolve around my own self-concept and self-worth. These parts I like, other parts of my life hold grief, trauma, hurt and wounds that are on the inside. Do you want to know why it is hard for me to tell you? It is because my wounds are inside of me; I hurt from the inside out. You say I’m not going anywhere, I say I’ve heard it all before. The assailant tainted the safety and support therapeutic relationships bring. I think by now I know who you are, at least professionally and I know that I can trust you. All of the lies and tainted concepts placed in my mind by ___________________ are no longer relevant. I can let go of them now. Anonymous, yes I keep a low profile around others, except for a few. He taught me over and over and over how to be a victim. Scared me to the point of approximately being anonymous with anyone I meet.  With you I can be myself, a whole person, I can be safe, I can tell you, with you I do not need to be anonymous. Thank you.