Right now i feel, angry, upset, frustrated. I feel hopeless. No matter what i do, nothing works out the way I want. I tried to get along with my mom, i really did, but yesterday erased all respect i had for her, she is no longer considered my mother, and i soon won’t even be living in her house anymore so she won’t have to constantly irritate me.. I think she finds enjoyment in making me miserable! :/ I’m sick and tired of not getting any respect for ANYTHING i do, I do everything I am asked to do. An yet she still says all this stuff to me to make me mad. And she knows it makes me mad, so she continues till I can no longer take it, and i just leave.. I’m to the point here I would rather live on the streets than in my own home. I don’t even consider that my home anymore..

My boyfriends parent’s respect me, they were never rude to me, yet my mom is nothing but disrespectful and rude to my boyfriend for absolutely no reason. I realize she is so torn up about my dad being in prison, but why take it out on me? I don’t deserve this.  She acts like a little kid, all the time… And she needs to quit.