Hello folks 🙂 ,

There are quite a few new members of the blog, so I thought I’d put a refresher post here to remind everyone about our trigger free guidelines (I’m actually re-posting an old post, we do this a one or two times a year). A long time ago we asked folks if they wanted us to moderate the blog for “triggering content” – and the bloggers voted for us to do that. There are very few ”trigger free” places on the internet. We want this blog to be safe for everyone to read, and that means not using words that will trigger other people to want to injure.

If by some chance you need a number for a crisis line, you can always call:  800.273.TALK or the Teen hotline:  877-332-7333 – both are answered 24/7.  If you want more information about the S.A.F.E. program you may also call our information line (we would LOVE to be able to answer this line live, but we are unable to) – you’d leave a message and we do our best to call back within 24 business hours.  That number is 800-366-8288.

Please know that using specific terms for injuring, describing things in graphic terms, trying to put up posts written in red – are all things we can’t allow. Talking about the number of times or where you injure yourself are also things we do not post.  Graphic poetry can be a very helpful outlet for people to use, but again, we cannot post that content here.

There are just two moderators of this blog. Since most of you don’t know that, I thought I would explain. We read every post and comment people make. Sometimes you may try to post something and if it’s taking a long time for that post to go up, it could mean that we simply don’t have time to edit the post right away. Longer posts and posts that contain a lot of graphic language that we need to change will take longer for us to get through. On the other hand, there are people who are approved because their posts don’t use graphic language, etc. so we don’t always have to read and approve those entries.

There are times and places where it is so helpful to be graphic – such as with a therapist, or in a place where it won’t be potentially harmful to others. I’m sure there are many other sites where people can be extremely graphic. This is just not that kind of place. I know that we have some people on the blog as young as 11 and we want to keep the site safe for them also. Again, our goal is to help you all stay safe if you choose to do so. Self injury is a choice, and everyone needs some help and support to overcome it. We hope anyone who wants it can find support here.

If I haven’t stated this all clearly, or you’re confused by it, please read the book “Bodily Harm” and you’ll learn more about SAFE’s philosophy about these things.  Feel free to ask questions as comments to this also. Thanks, WELCOME and to all of you, keep on blogging! 🙂