So my only real thoughts today is to bury myself in work. I have a magazine cover to design and to create two very informational Power points on Early Civilizations and the roaring 20’s and the Great depression… I also must design a brochure for a Wildlife reserve. I’m hoping i can keep myself busy… If all else fails i could read this book called “The Help” from what i understand its about black women working for white people and the stuff the black women had to live with everyday doing this work. Sometimes living with my mom i understand how those women lived.. My mom treated me like a slave. she would give me a list of things to do that i had to have done before the sun went down. I try to distract myself with work or something. I have this feeling that I’m going to become a workaholic. Would that really be so bad? I mean as long as I’m happy right? People say that I’m already a workaholic. I never leave my house and I’m always doing something productive with my time… Such as right now as i type here I’m researching Early Civilizations. People seem to think the stuff i do is boring.. Sometimes I agree but it keeps my mind occupied… Work…Work.. Work… Work… It’s all I’m good at… I gave up the idea to go to LA and go to college there for Music and Acting… I wont be good at it… Mom always said it was a worthless talent I wouldn’t get anywhere with it. I guess she is right for once…. 🙁