I have been doing alot, as I always do, and with that I am admitting more and more to my habits- both good and bad. Last time I posted I think I miscommunicated information. I dont have a boyfriend, I only have a friends with benefits. I know its silly to nit pick, but this is part of my bad habits. I am a control freak! and truthfully I am so out of control, and me admitting this has made admitting into a new good habit that I now have.
I want to say to everyone on this site, and everyone beyond. Please dont give up. Please keep fighting. Please know that even though you feel alone you arent. Please Keep On Moving, because if you stop and stay still what are you accomplishing?
Please Keep On Moving because your day will come and its around the corner that you wont have to keep on fighting, keep on moving because you are where you belong to be.
Happy, content, and living life.