so i saw my therapist this week and I can’t get this out of my mind so I decided to post here…I told her that I feel alone, that I want to disappear, that with the exceptions of a few moments here and there I’ve never really been truly happy, that I wish some type of injury or disease would take my life…she said she couldn’t truly comprehend feeling like that; that she didn’t understand…I was devastated…of all people isn’t your therapist supposed to understand? I got so angry that I left her office…I went home, went for a walk, thinking about all that was said in our session….I got so angry…angry with her…angry with myself for putting it all out there just to be shot down—I’ve never told anyone those feeling I shared with her.  I  s.i.  first cause I was angry, then I did it cause I was sad and distraught that no one would probably ever understand me and how I feel…am I doomed to a life of s.i.?  I have a mental block when it comes to using skills that I have learned to keep myself safe…once I get in that place where s.i. seems to be the only option, all other skills and coping mechanisms go right out the window…anyone else have this problem?