My mom is driving me crazy! All she does is fight with me! ): About stupid stuff, like on Thursday the 23rd, me and my sister danii packed our stuff and left in a hurry, from the night before, we told my mom we would be back on Sunday, which we were. What happened Wednesday night was so stupid.. And me and my sister almost fought each other. My mom would’ve let it happen. So we thought we needed a break and just left. We went to our boyfriends, and we were both really happy for the days that it lasted, then we got home and it all went bad again! And my mom is blaming it all on me.. I self injure to relieve anger and frustration. i know when i go home today, I’ll do something stupid if this keeps up. My mom doesn’t realize what she is doing to me… And i have no one to talk to, cause they all take her side, “she is your mother, you need to listen to her”.. If they only knew what she says to me… She purposely puts me down to make herself feel good! She knows the stuff she says gets to me, so she keeps it up till I crack and freak out, then she’ll lave. She threatened to call the cops on my boyfriend cause i stayed with him, and i am 15 and he is 18. I’ll be 16 in 12 days, could he get in trouble? /: That is the last thing i want is for him to go back to jail… Blah. Idek.. </3