I ran out of class, I cried as soon as I got in the stall. I thought about it to much. I thought about my grandmother. How shes dying. My teacher didn’t care, I had asked her if there had been any place she knew of that could help. She knew, I had my friend tell her where I went. I wanna sit down any cry. My friend came and hugged me, I was crying far to hard. Then others came in, I yelled why I was crying, about how my grandmother had cancer. It just hurts. She won’t be there to see me drive my first car, or graduate high school, or get married. All because of cancer. That the doctors were far too distracted to see when it started. To make it EVEN better, by this time tomorrow everybody will know from her. Or the other girl. Yet I have to put up with them. The only escape I have is music, which isn’t that strong. But the worst part, I nearly convinced myself to restrict food, knowing well enough I would either die or end up in the hospital. But I will not let them know, not from me.