so my boyfriend is from another state and my friends here were saying how we were just in the “honeymoon phase” or that he “looks like a 6th grader” in some of his pictures or they called me a name. i get that he was trying to defend me and himself but he wanted to say mean things to my friends and it just isn’t right. he said mean things to my two other friends and i realized how wrong it was because they didn’t really mean it that much. he has anger issues and when he gets mad he gets mad. so then he got mad at me for not telling him who the friend was that called him a 6th grader and he got all mad because i got upset and stuff because i’m not letting him call my friend something! i know he’s my boyfriend but i’ve known them my whole life when i’ve known him for only a couple of months. i think i did the right thing, right? i mean. now he keeps bringing it up and saying stupid things about how he should go back to how he was when he cared about nothing because it was “better.” but like, i mean… if it hurts you that much i’m sorry. i just told him i’m not telling him things like that anymore and he wondered why. i eventually told him but… i feel like he’s changed a lot in the past 2-3 days. he just isn’t the same person that i fell for… and i hate it. a lot. a whole lot.