13, huge mess, family dying left and right. I need security, like when I was a little kid in a storm, someone would hold me tightly and say “It’s ok”  and soon it was. I don’t have any help there. My ex is the only one, and I know it, but I feel like I can’t be myself around him, like I should sit around and do nothing about it, when I’m around people and its loud and crazy, I’m fine, but when I’m alone, and its late, it creeps up on me. I still wanna give up. Yet there’s still this tiny little part of hope I’m clinging onto. Some reason, I feel like I’m in my 90’s, yet I’m so young. Anytime I try to say something and show I have  brain, I get told “You don’t know what their talking about” or “Your to young to care”  If I’m to young to care, where do you stand? I just don’t know.