I am 20 years old and started s. I when I was 9.  I’ve been the victim of violence and sexual abuse most of my life a nd that was my way of coping.  At about 14 I stopped because I got help but then my dad passed from cancer and the rift  between my mother and I has gotten worse for the past 3 years and now that I’ve met someone and plan to move in with him she’s been treating me horribly.  Between taking all of my money and threatening to kick me out I feel like there’s no hope for me.  She constantly bullies me and I have no one to talk to.no one understands the emotional wear and tear I’ve been through and I’ve  just about used up all the fight I have left.  I’ve relapsed over a month ago and I promised my boyfriend that I wouldn’t since his mom died from sucicide but with him not knowing how to help me i feel myself slippin back into my old habits.  please someone let me know I’m not alone