My name is Zoey and I’m 16 years old. For three years, I’ve self injured. For the first year or so, it was nothing bad, but as it went on, it turned into a huge problem. I’m not telling you all this to make you feel sorry for me, I’m saying it to show that its a real issue. It’s more than just a way of relief, though thats a huge part of it, its and addiction. But unlike most addictions, this is one of the most difficult to get rid of from my point of view. In my family I’ve watched multiple family memebers quit smoking and drinking. I can see how extremely hard it can be. With smokers and drinkers, they can get rid of the alcohol and cigarettes, but with injurers, there is always something on the body that can be used for SI.

This has been the most difficult challenge in my life, but with supportive family members and loving friends and an amazing boyfriend, I believe that in time I will be able to overcome this addiction.

I want more than anything to help people like me. I want to give them hope and faith, to let them know that people really DO love you and they want YOU to be free of this pain thats holding you down! As hard as it may seem, it isn’t impossible!! Always look forward and never look back! Grab ahold of something in the future, it can be something small or something big, and do everything in your power to get to it. This has helped me. I have faith that it can help you, as well. But the only way it can is if you LET it happen. You need to stay positive more than anything. The path in front of us is hard, but I know that we have it in us to do it! (: Keep smiling!