Right now i am fighting the urge with every fiber of my being. I am alone, yes, but i deacivated my fb because that triggers me, im not in my dorm room cuz thats where my tools are. Im doing it all right! Im on a ledge on the intercoastal trying to focus on God and all the good things in my life…but so many bad things have been happening i cant take it.
Ive relapsed badly.
Im losing close friends left and right.
I cant see how my being alive benefits anyone.
I have no talent. Nothing that i can call “mine”
Except my self injury.
Thats all i have i feel. Its what makes me, me. It validates me. It helps me.
I feel so alone.
I feel so lost.
I just want to self injure.
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?