Ever since the principal told my parents I SI just once(which is a total lie, I did it more), my stress levels have gone through the roof. Even before that, I was getting pretty stressed and forgetting to turn in homework so my grade dropped really low(I usually have all A’s and B’s) but now, I’m even more frazzled. I’m way behind on my homework and I’m so upset because my grade’s going to drop even more. My mom took away my phone, my music, and my laptop(I said I was researching something for school to do this) because of my grades and now they’re going to drop even more. Right now, especially with the stress of my mom finding out I SI, I feel like the best I can manage is a C in science and she straight up told me I wasn’t good enough. My brother was allowed C’s but not me. She keeps raising my standards and making it harder and harder and I just can’t do it! I don’t want to talk to her about it because she’d just get mad and yell like always. She got mad at my brother the other day and threatened to hit him. For a while now, I almost wish she would abuse me or something so I could just get away from her. I know that might seem absolutely horrible, but it’s 100% true. She’s done nothing but make things so much worse for me. Her and my step dad both. It’s just too much.