I haven’t SIed in three and a half months. I do t know how I’m suppose to feel about this. I’m proud that I haven’t done I and I feel sone painful weight lifted of my shoulders but I’m scared of relapsing like I always do. I have no problem stopping I can go a month or six months without doIng it but one little thi g can trigger it and then I got back to doing it and I hate that. But. Have a good feeling that this time I’ll make it. I never had a support tem before but I do now. I got friends to back me up and who care for me and I have my(I call her my theropist even tho she is no professional) with me helping me. My therapist is the best I love that she helps me and that she has never judged me. But I’m scared becUse soon she’s going away and I’ve been relying on her Nd she’s the main reason y I have not SIed. I just hope when she leaves I’ll be fine. And I’ll see her again. Anyways I just needed to vent for a While. It’s good to have you all as support swell.