so i’m going out with the guy i’ve liked for the past month, yay. i hate it. i feel like he’s just using me to get over his ex because they broke up and the same exact day he asked me out. why would you do that? either you didn’t like her or you need to get over her. i got over this, i guess. it sort of bothers me and i have second thoughts about being his girlfriend and what not. besides that i’m randomly upset. this happens to me a lot. ugh. i’m happy one second, literally on top of the world and the next i feel like self injuring and i feel so worthless and tired. i’ve been diagnosed with depression and that’s basically it. i just don’t like being randomly upset after a good thing happens! it tends to happen a whole lot and i just, i don’t know what to do. if it were a year ago i would have self injured but now i’m trying not to because i haven’t for a while… since july of last year, to be specific. like, why break that? i don’t know. i don’t wanna be like this. i hate it so much and i wish i was normal but that will never happen. i just want someone to talk to when  i feel this way so i don’t do anything i regret later in the past.