I just wanted to let people know it’s great to see you all here.  You all support each other so well, and it takes a lot of courage to reach out.  That is a huge step.  And some people may just read the site and choose not to post anything. You’re all here for the same reason – you are feeling crummy.  You may want some support and help.  You know self injury isn’t getting you very far and you are considering getting help.  You don’t have to “want” to stop – we know you may want to continue, and it’s all in your own hands.  Nobody can make you stop – NOBODY.  It’s your choice, and I think that somewhere in the back of your head you suspect injuring yourself doesn’t solve much.  You wonder if there’s a better way.

What I want you ALL to know is that there is help available.  We have had an information line about self injury for about 25 years now.  We wish someone was able to answer it live all the time, but we can’t.  It is an information line, which means you call and leave us a message – and we WILL call you back if you want us to.  It’s a confidential line – so it’s safe to call.  Give us a call.  Ask about ways to get help and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.  The number is:


We know you’re nervous to call.  We know you want to reach out.  We hope you’ll pick up the phone!  You don’t have to go through this alone.

Take care,  Pam L.