Got a good laugh last night. I got this text from my ex, I’ll call him Lance.(Inside joke.) I didn’t reply. Now here’s the tragic story of our break-up that will explain why this once charming guy turned out to be one of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever met. So here’s my stupid mistake. I was feeling “smothered”. I hadn’t been with a guy for that long, ..5-6 months?.. AND he’s the only boyfriend that I have told my secrets to. I loved him and I still do. Anyway, I broke up with him. then, a month later, I throw a party, he showed up. Soo..this party involved a group(including me), playing truth or dare in a barn. There was another group(including him) that stood outside around a fire and talked. Lance and my best friend(Scrumples) started being all over each other. Holding hands. Hugging. His arms around her. Is that all? Not quite. He starts calling me mean names and I’m thinking, “WOW..judge me with your arms wrapped around my BEST FRIEND?!”.. But no worries, I was mad at her too. So I had this two week on-going fight with Scrumples AND Lance. Him trying to say Oh Sorry Sorry blahblahblah..her thinking she did NOTHING wrong. And then I get THIS freaking message? I know none of you out there probably care..but I just felt like I HAD to vent or I would do the thing that brought me to this site. SI-ing. Thanks for listening though, comment, tell me I’m stupid, whatever. Lol. Byee.