okay so, if you’ve read my previous posts you know i really like this guy that has a girlfriend and she’s my friend. i can’t date him cuz we’re friends, etc. well, today he texted me and he said that he wanted both me and her. i told him no, that’s not how it’s going to work. he begged and begged for me to change my mind and i told him that i didn’t wanna talk to him anymore, like ever again. that got him pretty upset and he then kept bothering me and saying “no, don’t leave me.” etc. he finally gave in and said the sweetest thing ever and it changed my mind and feelings so drastically. but i honestly don’t know, if he says he “loves me so much” how come he never broke up with his girlfriend in the past? he had so much time and he knew that before this happened i was kind of actually considering breaking girl code and going out with him. so if he did “love” me then we would be together already and he wouldn’t be saying this. i don’t know if he’s saying this to play us both or if he actually means it! if he actually means it he would have broken up with her by now, am i right? so i’m kind of iffy on that. it just made me really upset because he said all that sweet stuff which made me regret ever considering us never talking again, which i hate because i feel like that would be the best thing to do! that’s what a majority of my friend’s have said. another thing that has nothing to do with this is i like this other guy a little bit and he kind of likes me, i know this for a fact. he’s literally the sweetest thing ever and the whole bit. he always texts me and always answers and stuff. but today i texted him and he didn’t answer, i honestly don’t care if you don’t reply for a day cuz you might be busy! but when i got home and went on skype it said he was online and as soon as i chatted him he went from “online” to “away”, like, i have no idea what that’s supposed to mean! i have done nothing to make you ignore me. 😐 but basically yeah, i’ve been dealing with a lot of guy related things and i just needed to vent about it… because i either vent or self injure. if anyone has any feedback/advice i really wanna hear it! i need it. please.