I posted about a week ago about how I was a lonely adult in a room full of teenagers in a treatment program. I was scared to share my issues, for fear they either couldn’t relate to me or that my grief over my dog was not important because he was “just a dog.” After a week, I realize that the distortion about my dear dog is mine. My teenage peers not only related to me but supported me. Today I know my dog is at peace. He was an important part of my family and my very best friend and I deserve to grieve over him. I am grateful for the time we had together.

What is just as inspiring to me are the connections I’ve been able to make with my fellow program members of any age. My therapist asked me on Monday night over the phone if it was too early to see the meaning in why I was in a program with a bunch of teenagers now at this point in my life. On that day I said that it was too early. By Wednesday night, I saw the meaning was that self injury and the issues behind it don’t have an age. My circumstances and triggers have changed over the years but the underlying issues remain the same. I truly believe that being with these bright, insightful, sensitive and creative young people gave me the opportunity to see some of these underlying issues like I couldn’t see them when I was their age but with their innocence, curiosity and hopefulness. And yes, they are all those things and more. They are some of the most beautiful people I’ve met and I’m grateful to have met them.  Today, I feel inspired to choose recovery.