im the baby of the family at age 15. my oldest brother is 25 and lives with his fiance that i barely know.. im not exactly excited about this wedding coming up. next in line is 23, he hates me. simply because he can. it makes me sick to hear some of the things hes said about me when we had no falling out, so there is no reason other than im a useless human, then theres my best friend of a brother, hes 21 and lives at home but attends college. he stayed close to home because he knew i needed him by my side. i am currently living with him and my mother. and then theres my sister, my actual best friend, shes 17. she lives with my grandparents with my dad, i no longer see or communicate with him. and dont plan to, the thought of him makes me feel disgusted. what brought me to write this on a friday night when i should be out at a party, is last night… my sister was at the house for a bit with my mother and i. 21 year old brother comes home and is in a strange bad mood. we argue as siblings usually do, as i walk past him to remove myself from the situation to get to my room, he pushes me (not to meantion hes been a wrestler since he was 8) i stand no chance in a physical fight. at this point i am pinned to the floor with his fists coming my way. my mom screaming and sister watching in shock. as we moved around i slipped away and ran to my room quickly before he could catch me. he was my father growing up. he taught me everything and how to be a respected person. he promised me he would never touch me the way my father did my whole life. last night he broke that. and i go to school with injuries, everything in my body aches. from different kids every day. just realizing how risky it is. i injured last night. i feel like this life wasnt meant for me.