so in one of my other post i talk about the guy i like and how he has a girlfriend and stuff. welll, the reason he won’t break up with her is because he is too scared cuz he never breaks up with anyone because it makes him feel like a bad person. he’s going to have to do it in the future and doesn’t that just make it worse for the girl?! it really does. agh. well today, i was talking to him and we do this thing where we see who can make one another more jealous, it’s weird i know, and i was telling him about this guy that called me cute the other day and he was like 3 years older than me and he was trying to make me jealous.  i was like “cool story bro” and then he goes on this website knowing that i follow him and posts 2 pictures of his gf and he goes “beautiful girlfriend appreciation post.” and under one of them it says “this is my favorite.” he told me he has no feelings for her whatsoever anymore and he does this. this is so low for him and he’s just being mean. he knew that i could see it and that it would obviously hurt me. i was so close to self injuring but i didn’t because i talked to my bestfriend about it. i mean, i want more advice.. should i make him break up with her so we can be together, because i know for a fact that he does not like her or should i just, move on with life.. which will be really hard for me because i like him so darn much. :/ being a teenager is so hard. please please please, reply? <3