I havent blogged lately. And the reason is, isbecause i talk too much. I dont really see my issues important. I read others… and i want to nlog but manic depression floods through me and i cnt get myself to. Im not sure why.. everyone at home thinks im doing a-ok..but im absolutly nit.. i know one of the bloggers gave me advuce on this problem i have.. but i just cnt seem to.. im gutless towardsopening up or watever. Ive been SI… ive been really losing myself in my insanity stage and really bad mood swings.. my mom blames pms thts triggering my depression or watever. But she just doesnt kniw tht its manic right mow.ive been growing very distant from my friendslately.. i have noone to text.. no one to have sleepovers with muxh.. mybestfriend livea very far away from me.. and ive been trying to txt her the past few weeks, but no reply.. ik shesnot in the hospital yet… cuz they were about to comeover yesterday.. but its just herphone i guess… im lost.. weak and tiredof being me.. im losing my mind