i don’t like boys at all. shall i tell you all my story? k. so i like my friend’s boyfriend and he likes me back… i know it isn’t right because of girl code but what can we do? it really isn’t our faults we fell for each other. well, i had a boyfriend and he has a gf… what we were going to do was break up with them so we could be together. i did it yesterday and then he said that he was going to wait to break up with his gf. well, i thought about it for a long time and i realized that i can’t do that to my friend, she’s so happy with him. i told him not to break up with her and stuff and so he’s not gonna… even though he told me he had no type of feelings for her. now we’re just friends and when we talk it’s just really awkward. on this website he said something to her about loving her so much and that she was his princess and he was gonna love her forever and he was so happy she’s his. i’m just here like, you told me you had no feelings for her and you loved me.. k. basically, the main reason as to why i self injure is because of boys! and now i really wanna s.i but i know i can’t, i haven’t since July of last year! i can’t break it. but then again, i always think “you’ll feel better so just do it.” but i haven’t.. why break it? but yeah. anyone can give me advice on what to do, i’m dying here. :/