i sit here with my curser blinking. my heart beat is slow, each breath feels heavier and heavier. i do not know the meaning of my life, at this point i feel more worthless than important, i feel i accomplish more bad than good. i seek support but cannot find any that can give me straight forward answers. i realize i have people to take care of. i ruined a marriage. childhood memories are only being scared of dad. being beaten. the smell of alcohol. my best friends brother dieing, a month later my best guy friends brother dieing of a drug overdose. that start of the school year my friends dad kills himself. a month later my other best friends cousin was murdered. 2 weeks later my friends dad dies infront of him. having flashbacks of chilhood trauma. i need someone, to just listen and give me advice. and now my 3rd best friends not alowed to attend the same school because of her ex boyfriend and im caught in the middle of them, with parents involved. theres too much going on i feel like running away. help me.