Okay, prepare yourselves.

My friend, lets just call her Anonymous.

I convinced her to tell her mom and try to seek help. She did and now her mom is taking her to a councilor. He is also her youth pastor. First i need to give you some background info.

Mom- very religious.


MOM&DAD- separated when she was 2ish

Okay so she has started to see councilor man, and now feels a million times worse! she says that he makes her feel worse and that he makes her think how poor her father has been to her. Councilor man said that tonight (Wednesday) that he was going to pray for her at church. She was shocked at this. she has told me so many times that life would have been better if she could still injure and wasnt being treated like a baby by councilor man and  MOM. i hate seeing this happen to Anonymous. i need help, what can i do to help her and help the situation. way more of the story to be told, maybe another post.

thank you.