So, I’ve done this before. But it was about a year ago. I used to be obsessed with injuring. It was my only escape. I couldn’t talk to anyone becaujse they thought I was just doing it for attention. When really I had a problem.. It landed me in the pysch ward.. I was happier there then I’ve ever been. Talking to complete strangers who I had so much in common with.. After i got out i started really bad habits, which then became addictions. Very bad.. But that was 2 years ago.. This past year has been total, i don’t even know what to call it.. My dad went to jail for trying to kill my sister.. I get treated like a slave. I keep dieting.  I can’t sleep. Ever. And I want to quit :/ I wanna get help but apparently to my mom “i just try getting attention”…. idk what to do. I can talk to people i don’t know about stuff like this… But when it come’s to real life, I’m to afraid of being judged and not getting the help i DO need….. bleh. :/