Two days ago, my best friend (seemingly out of nowhere) told me that if I didn’t get help from a professional, that she couldn’t be friends with me anymore. Well, she said that we could still hang out sometimes, but that there couldn’t be any personal relationship left. She is the only person in the world who knows about my SI, and a threat like that is terrifying. I know she only wants to help, but now I’ve been cornered. I feel trapped. If I go to see someone, then I’m going against what I believe, which is that I can handle this on my own because it works for me. If I don’t go, then I lose the most important person in my life. Apparently I’m really scaring her, and I didn’t even realize that I was bad enough to scare anyone. I still don’t think I am..but if she went through all this trouble then I must be, right? I mean this couldn’t be easy for her to do. I’m torn and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I told her that I would go, and I’ve been researching people in my area, but I’m still not convinced in my heart that it’s right. I guess I’m just ranting and wanted to tell someone, anyone, what’s going on. Because I can’t be truthful with her, for fear of losing her. Does anyone have any advice? Or experience with a similar situation? Does anyone have anything comforting to say about going into therapy for the first time? I’m really afraid to do it.