If self injury worked in the long run, we’d be teaching people how to self injure instead of helping them stop.  Does it make you feel better?  Temporarily – yes, it does.  It does provide a release and comfort for a very brief time.  If it didn’t work a bit, nobody would continue to do it.  But the problem is – it doesn’t solve anything.  It doesn’t fix anything.  It brings scars, it hurts you and leads to isolation from others.

What does work in the long run?  TALKING to helpful, trustworthy people.  If you’re not an adult, you need to talk to an adult about it.  Friends can be supportive – but not always.  Sometimes people don’t “get it”.  Find someone who does and talk to them.  Take a risk to HEAL some of the pain, rather than creating more pain on top of your internal pain.  It’s scary at first, and it may even seem to make things worse because you’ve tried so long to stop your feelings.  The only way to make strong, painful feelings go away – is to work THROUGH them.  Avoiding them just makes them come back all the stronger.  If self injury works  so great, shouldn’t you be happier?

Just some thoughts.  Thanks for reading.