I know i shouldnt feel this way. I know everybody will think im insane. Can somebody please answer this question though?: why do i want to stop SI? I mean the only reason why i would stop is because im hurting other people…..but to be honest….i dont care. I mean injuring is something that works for me, just like smoking works for some people, or blogging, or talking. Injuring helps me stay calm, and if it wasnt for the scars, i wouldnt care. I mean i when i look at my scars its a reminder that im alive….that i feel pain. I dont like talking about it, so i injure. Please somebody tell me….why stop something that works for me? Just because it isnt accepted by society doesnt mean its wrong. Its like smoking! It leaves “scars” (yellow teeth, dry skin, cancer etc…) And in time it can lead to health issues, but people dont care if you smoke, and people dont care if you drink, just because SI leaves scars the moment you do it they care. But its just another way of coping…..scars used to be beautiful. The Mayans used to see scars as something to be proud about, something attractive, beautiful. I see my scars as something beautiful. I have learned to live with them….people who love me will learn to live with them. If they truly love me they will.