I really want to help people who are struggling to even go one day without giving into SI. I do not in any way have all the answers to recovery but I’ve been able to look at it a lot differently recently. I don’t know if I’ll give in tomorrow or if I will never give in again, but it’s the fight that we’re in that we can all relate to.

I pray that just one thing I write helps just one person.  If that happens, then I will be satisfied.  Life is hard but we’re all in this together. Community with each other, whether in person or online, is so important. We need each other. We all understand self injury in some form and the fight to try to stop…or even the fight to try to want to stop. Because there was a time when I didn’t even want to stop self injuring. But we all have something in common in that we all understand the crippling addiction to self injury and I think that having this SAFE Alternatives blog website is amazing in that it helps us come together and help each other.

God Bless and Happy New Year. Make 2012 the best year yet!