I disapoinnt many people.. i hurt them too. I dnt want to at all… i never trully want to inflict emotional or physical pain on anyone… well.. of course not to the people tht shudnt be inflicted with pain.. my bullies and such, i just grow this strong, strong hate..i actually feel like one of those kids tht kill all the kids at their akool..but i found self xontrol for tht.. and i realize.. y ahud i hate THEM… i see why tjey wud make fun of me… i dnt blame them.. but anyways.. i disapoint my parents.. and i know tht they are disgusted by me.. they dnt show it of course.. well one time my dad did..but my mom is wonderful. Shes a FANTASTIC mom.. i mean it. I know she loves me, an di love her in return. I kbow tht my friends get frustrated.. i knpw they question to themselves: why r they my friends. Everyone questions themselves abou tme.. at least once. I know they do, because we are hu,ans, an dits in our nature, is it not? But i hate hurting my mom so much
about my SI. I want to stop hurting her. But i just cant help myself.. i have no self control. And everyday i lose myself ove rstupid or big things. I just.. dnt no anymore.. im confused… i wan tto stop hurting those tht i love and tht do love me.. i wan tthe hurting them to stop by starting the depression and SI to disapear.. but how do i even start.. ive tried everything imaginable.. i have two counclers.. i have a mom tht love sme, and i can trust her on plenty of thongs such as my SI. There are many other things i jave tried to help mee with these problems im experoencing.. i might be taking medicine soon. But its up to my mom whether or not she sready for jer 13 u rold daughter to take pills..but othe rthan tht..nothingbhaa worked.. please comment with ur opinions. I’ dreally like to hear them.